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Commercialization plans are a requirement for success. Not just as a business but to advance and deliver on your grant.


Accelerate getting to market with confidence. Investors and partners want to see Product Market Fit, and so do you! 

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Get the hard and soft data needed to inform decisions, convince internal stakeholders, and advance your product revenues. 

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Learn the best and only standard for Product Market Fit. For the career growth and personal brand minded professional.

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Product Market Fit is when you know there is a meaningful corpus of individuals and organizations that have a problem you can solve, and are willing to buy it from you

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95% of humanity's knowledge still lives between someone's ears. Putting the discernr process into the field gets you closer to Product Market Fit with more accurate and more useful guidance

By the numbers

It's not all magical arts. Finding Product Market Fit with discernr starts with hard facts and numbers you can cite with confidence

Qualitatively verified

Markets aren't math. Neither are decisions to buy, subscribe, or trial. Test your market fit hypothesis with real feedback from real people

Disparate Data.
Actionable Insight.

Zero in on the companies who need your solution and KNOW that they need it today.


 Confirm your market and customer profile.


There are more data, more opinions, and more noises clogging up the channel than ever before. Cut through it all with discernr's Product Market Fit expertise and tools. 

discernr solves your problems related to constructing and planning product strategy. The tools here are design and built to find the who, what, when, where, how, and why of identifying and addressing your Product Market Fit.


We've crafted a unique database of Problems to Solve ranked on criticality and industry. We've created best in class qualitative research outcomes. We've verified our methodology through hundreds of technology commercialization success stories.

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