(re)Locate your Product Market Fit

Our offerings

Go Fast with a Market Assessment Sprint

We're the experts on Product Market Fit - so hire us to do it for you! Select up to 5 of our toolkit frameworks to be completed on your behalf. Fill in the prompts, or use our calendar to schedule an hour's consultation. We'll take it from there!


Pull a Signal from the noise with the discernr PMF web app

Access and export from our Product Market Fit application for complete complete control. Expert guidance and helpful content makes it possible for you to observe, learn, act, and iterate at your own pace. Each industry is different; so have them all.

49 / month*

Go Further with real Go-To-Market Workflow Design

Fit begins when you understand your customer well, and there are a lot of them out there. By "well" we mean enough to complete our proven suite of frameworks and workflows for identifying, connecting, advising, and eventually closing new deals.


Go Solo with a guidebook

Sometimes all you need (or want) is a little guidance in the form of a good book written by an expert who has been there many times before. This the perfect place to start if you're just getting into the Product Market Fit groove. We highly recommend this as a companion and supporting artifact to each of the other offerings.


We bring research, analysis, and proof to the table

You can slog through boot camps. You can overpay consultancies. What you need is to know is your unique Product Market Fit, and fast.