We believe

you will change the world, and that we can help. The number one reason companies and new products fail is that they don't find their market before they run out of cash. Humanity suffers because we have a system that rewards profitability, sales, and marketing more than it rewards ideas and innovation.

Your Story

Your idea is great, but does the world need it? More importantly than need...does the world want it? 

Naysayers are challenging you with, "If it's such a great idea then why hasn't anyone done it yet?" Or, "What's to stop Amazon from just copying you?

When you begin using discernr tool you begin to build a foundation of pure fact and conviction that you have a defensible niche.

What your creating for the world solves a real problem; in a growing industry; that is looking for a solution; and yours is better than the incumbents. 

discernr was founded by a veteran of innovation management, go-to-market strategy, and entrepreneurship. Creating, building, and selling several companies

Years of technology commercialization are the foundation of the tools available to you here. They have been crafted from the corpus of business school teachings, real world wins, real world fails, and tens of thousands of hours of research and application.

We believe you you will change the world, and that we can help.

Our Story